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Horse Logging and woodland management

Using horses in woodland management can offer a softer low impact option. 

  • Selective thin of specific trees

  • Minimal ground disturbance

  • Small and large woodlands

  • Do not need tracks putting in

  • PAWS restoration

  • References available 

Bracken rolling

Bracken rolling using a horse to pull a roller that crushes the bracken stems.

This weakens the rhizomes over time.

I would recommend 2 rolls a year to get a double hit. Can work very well if the area is also grazed. 

Horse Training

Using horsemanship with patience feel and timing I can help with problem horses and communication issues with horses and owners.

Taking time to train a horse to understand what is requested rather than making them do.

Aiming for a balanced ,willing and trusting horse.

Sometimes the humans are trained as much as the horses. 

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