Horse Logging North Wales

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Bill is my most experanced horse and we have worked togeather for many years.


He loves working and is as happy working in shafts in the logging arch, forwarder or bracken basher as he is dragging the logs on the ground.


He has great feet and has always worked barefoot and he looks after his own mass of feathers with a little help from his friends.


Little Ron


I picked up Ron a few years ago, he was a driving horse and to me showed great potential to be  a work horse. I wanted a horse to give Bill a couple of hours off a day to give him a rest on long contracts.


I took 3 weeks off work to train Ron so I could just concentrate on him. Little Ron has surpassed all my expectations, he has proved to be a valuable member of the team and regularly works full days. after Ron had worked on his own for a year I paired him with Bill and now have the option of 2 horse power.


Little ron is a very happy horse and I just need to look at him in the field and he makes me smile. Each winter Ron enters the hairiest horse competition



The Horses


Seth is a 17 hand shire cross cob, I got him to be a work horse, but it became apparent that he did not have the head for this.


I sent him to Damien Jones, a problem horse trainer for him to train as a riding horse.


Seth now rides out great and is a pleasure to have around.


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