Horse Logging North Wales

Horse Logging

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Horse Logging and woodland management North Wales


Using horses reduces compaction of the ground and as they are very manoeuvrable only the trees requiring thinning need to be felled.


Horses can work on sites that the large machines can struggle on such as wet and steep terrain.  They are favourably used on small sites where it would be uneconomical to use machines.


Horses can be used alongside machines by pulling the timber out of the woodland to a track then a tractor and forwarder can take the timber to the stacking site. This reduces the damage to the woodland floor and surrounding flora and fauna.


If you are intrested in using horses please contact me to arrange a free site visit.


+ Environmentally Friendly

+ No soil compaction

+ No damage to Rivers / Lakes / Streams

Woodland Management

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I can help with a plan to manage your woodlands, taking into account what you want to use your woodland for.


Growing timber



Sustanible firewood

Bussiness venture







Horse Training

Using natural horsemanship to help a horse overcome problems and fear. My aim is to help the horse become a calm balanced horse first and then work on the training or problems.


Problems can be broken down and taken in small steps thus enabling each individual horse to accept and overcome the problem.


I can help with poor ground manners, loading, training to work or drive. As my passion is working horses I do not break to ride, but know a very good horseman that does.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions  

Bracken Bashing

Bracken Bashing works by rolling the bracken and brusing the stem along its length, this does not allow the stem to seal and weakens the rizomes over time.


To make a significant impact one rolling in the summer over a three year period is neccessary. Good stock management inbetween rolling will also assist in weakening the bracken.


Kevin Taylor

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