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Horse logging and woodland management in North Wales.


I have completed a three year apprenticeship run by the British Horse Loggers Charitable Trust. During the apprenticeship I have worked with a number of professional horse loggers  in a wide variety of different woodlands. I have worked with some very experienced horses and also brought my horses on to become a capable and willing work team.


We are a family run business based in the beautiful Nantlle valley North Wales.  We utilise horses as the base machine to carry out woodland and land management contracts.


Using horses reduces compaction of the ground and as they are very manoeuvrable only the trees requiring thinning need to be felled.


Horses can work on sites that the large machines can struggle on such as wet and steep terrain. They are favourably used on small sites where it would be uneconomical to use machines.


Although based in North Wales all areas considered.


I am fully insured and have all the relevant chainsaw qualifications.